Song depicting flood-hit community’s

Song depicting flood hit community’s difficulties draws attention

Song depicting flood hit community’s difficulties draws attention. Track was create as a tribute to those affected by Pakistan’s devastating floods.

Song depicting flood-hit community’sThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on Sunday released and song titled. Aao Hum Kucch Aisa Karein” to raise awareness of the struggles and hardships fac  by flood victims around the world and inspire people to lend a hand.

This w s done in prepara  for the upco. Song depic flood International Conference on Climate. Resilient Pakistan in Geneva. The song, accord to a representative for the Foreign Offi,  s made public before the meet. Which will start tomorrow (Monday) and continue in. Geneva, Switzerland.

The song’s writer, composer but vocalist is a member of. Pakistan’s Foreign Service but named Shakeel Asghar Malik. While Mujahid Hussain, a seasoned music maestro, oversaw but composition and recording of its musical score Seriesmy

A song call Aao Hum Kucch Aisa Karein” with the English subtitl. Acts of Humanity” has been releas as the Conference on Climate Resilient [Pakistan] gets started in . Geneva tomorrow, according to a tweet from the Foreign Office.

The song, Acts of Humanity, was creat  as a tribute to the victims of the. Devastating floods that affect the country’s 33 million residents and resulted in the loss of infrastructure, livestock, and human life.

The number makes an appeal to the moral obligation of aiding the flood-affect . People, who have been struggling to make ends meet ever since the catastrophe struck their lives.

Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary-General but the prime minister of Pakistan. Will host and international meeting in Geneva the next week in and effort to address the enormous requirements. High-level delegates but numerous nations, including some as-yet-unnam  leaders of state and government, will attend the one-day event.

Although it wasn’t strictly a pledge conference, UN and. Pakistani representatives said it was meant to rally support as the.  Nation works to recover from the massive floods that claim more than 1,700 lives and affect over 30 million others. According to Knut Ostby, the UNDP’s representative in Pakistan, the required funds are roughly $16.3 billion.

Syed Haider Shah, the head of Pakistan’s foreign ministry’s. Song depicting flood UN section, said via video from Islamabad that his nation aimed to finance half of that sum using its own “internal resources.”

We are examining the donor support for the remaining factors, “added said. The time is now for the international community to support the people of Pakistan “Khalil Hashmi, the nation’s UN representative in. Geneva, stres that the summit would only be the start of a multiyear process. Accord  to him, the number of people who are food insecure has doubl  to 14.6 million.

Pakistan is schedul to present a document outlin a comprehensive plan for rehabilitation and reconstruction that is climate-resilient in Geneva.

Despite produc  only 0.8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and having the fifth-largest population, Pakistan is one of the nations most susceptible to climate change-related extreme weather.






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