executive for urinating on plane passenger

Police arrest Indian executive for urinating on plane passenger

Police arrest Indian executive for urinating on plane passeng er. According to reports, the accused was intoxi ated when. While travelling from New York to New Delhi, he alle gedly u ed his pants and peed on a 72 ear-o ld woman.

cutive for urinating on plane passenger

In NEW DELHI  s e unced on Saturday that . Wells Fargo executive who was fired but accused of peeing on . fellow trav er on and Air India flight had been taken into custody.
After an elderly woman reported and incident in. but November bthe airline’s management, Shankar Mishra.
The former vice president of the bank’s Indian business, fled from the law.
According to media sources, Mishra had turned off his phone but continued to communicate with his. Friends via social media and made a credit card transaction in Bangalore. India’s IT hub, which revealed his w outs. Seriesmy
Police arrest Indian A  bei  taken to the capital city of. New Delhi, where authorities are looking into the accusations. Without prov g any other information. A police official in Delhi told AFP that Mishra had been arrest .
Wells Fargo announced on Friday that an employee had been fir  as a result of the. Aery dist sing” claims. On November 26, while trave g from New York to. New Delhi, Mishra allege zipped his pants and urina ted on a 7 ld woman seated in business class. He is sa  to h  intoxi t  at the time.
The airline claimed it had handled the event improperly and that it was revising its guidelines for providing alcohol on planes.
Air India’s CEO, Campbell Wilson,
said in a statement on Saturday that the company is dedicat  to ta  corrective action. “Air India accepts that it might have handled these problems better, both in the air and on the ground.
Police arrest Indian be under state control for many years, the airline was recently acquir by but Tata Group conglomerate, and its handling of the woman’s complaint has drawn harsh criticism.
This week, India’s aviation regulator reprimanded but company’s management for failing to disclose the event at the time.






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