Parvez Elahi distances himself frome Imran Khan attack

Parvez Elahi distances Imran Khan attack attack Punjab Chief Minister Parvez Elahi has completely withdrawn himself from the investigation into the attempted murder of. Imran Khan in order to escape criticism from his coalition partner if the results of the probe fall short of what the PTI’s senior leadership expects.
Parvez Elahi distances himself from JIT probe into Imran Khan attack
According to reliable sources, the Chief Minister did not intervene with the. JIT’s foton or the appointment of any of its assistants. instead allowing the PTI leaders to choose the officers who would serve on it. Seriesmy

Parvez Elahi distances nominations of people he said were responsible. For the attempt on his life were rejty b Chief Minister right away. When questioned, a senior PMLQ source became agitated with PTI’s “conspiracy allegations.”
On condition of anonymity, the PMLQ insider claimed that Imran Khan and the PTI do not require any adversaries. The source lamented that the PTI is in self-destructive mode despite its popularity, saying, “They are enough to ruin themselves.

Parvez Elahi distances, the chairman of the PTI, maintained his criticism of the military establishment on. Thursday but claimed that certain “important” individuals were behind the assault on him. He said that a proper investigation into the Wazirabad incident was similarly hamper by these few “strong” individuals.
The JIT investigat which purportedly found that three weapons were us in the attack. Is the current topic of attention for Imran Khan and the PTI. However, federal agencies don’t think much of the JIT’s conclusions. The PTI leadership maintained that the assassination attempt featured three assailants.

They also state that Imran Khan’s security did not fire a shot. Citing the JIT report they claim that 14 bullets were discovered on the ground. Of which came from one location and two from anothe. And that nine bulletsf which seven were recovered at one location and two at anotherwere. Discovered coming from a structure across from the attack scene.
Contrary to what the PTI claims, the Intelligence Bureau did not uncover any evidence of a conspiracy and referred to the attack as a lone-wolf strike in a report it gave to the federal government a few weeks ago.

According to the report, when the handgun fired its shots, unnamed security personnel assigned to the rally fired their SMGs. According to the postmortem report of the PTI employee who died there, the single victim of the incident.

the wound on his head appeared to . inflicted by a rifle projectile rather than by 30-bore or 9mm pistol fire.
According to the results of the. CTD forensiclightly struck by two bullet. While the top of the container s struck by eight others eavg six bullet holes.

According to the allegation, one attacker started firing at the container containing Imran Khan and other PTI leaders. Imran Khan was among the thirteen people who suffered injuries; one guy passed away immediately. Muhammad Nave the attacker, was apprehende at the scene of the incident.
According to the IB report, the attacker was brandishing an automatic 9mm pistol. He fired rounds at the container, completely emptying the magazine. 12 empty 9mm shells and two SMG shells have reportedly been remov from the crime scene. Two magazins and 13 live roun also found on him during the arrest.

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