Ishaq Dar's assets unfrozen

Ishaq Dars assets unfrozen in assets beyond means

Ishaq Dars assets unfrozen in assets beyond means case On November 22 of last year, the Assets Beyond Means Case Against Federal Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar was adjudicated by the Accountability Court in Islamabad.

Ishaq Dar's assets unfrozen

ISLAMABAD: On Saturday, an accountability court in Islamabad issued written orders. Rescinding the decision to freeze Finance Minister Ishaq Dar’s assets in a case involving assets over his means. After the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) returned its reference against Dar, Accountability. Court Judge Mohammad Bashir issued a written ruling regarding the finance czar’s bank accounts and assets.
Ishaq Dars assets unfrozen November 22, 2017, the court adjourned the lawsuit involving Dar’s assets and means. Dar’s bank accounts and other assets were reinsta d  wh  the earlier directi  were withdrawn. The court declared that it no longer had jurisdiction to hear the case because. Ishaq Dar had surrendered and the trial had terminated. Seriesmy
Dar’s frozen assets restored
In accordance with NAB directives, the district administration of Lahore unfrozen assets of Dar. According to reports, the administration gave the finance minister the Gulberg Hajveri House back. To get his bank accounts back, a letter was also delivere d to the banks.
Court ends proceedings in assets case against Dar
The court stated during the hearing on November 22 that it lacked the. Power to rule on Dar’s acquittal plea because the case did not fall under its purview. “Neither a rul  in favour of NAB nor a deci  in favour of the suspect may de pu . This is the conclusion of Ishaq Dar’s trial “Add  Judge Bashir After the government change   the. National Accountability. Ordinance 1999 a few months ago, courts all throughout the nation. Rturned cases since many of them no longer came under their purview.
The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) accused Finance Minister Ishaq. Dar of having assets that were out of proportion to his claimed sources of income. Iin a case that was br ought against him in Dec  2017. In response to the Supreme Court’s decision in the Panama Papers case on July 28, 2017. NAB filed a reference against the PML-N leader.

Due to Dar’s persistent absence from the hearings, the.  Acountability court had also designated him a proclaimed offender; however, once . Dar appeared before the court in October 2022, the court suspended its arrest orders.
After the coalition government was for , the PML-N leader returned to. Pakistan to assume the position of finance czar after spending five years in self-exile in London. The National Accountability (Second Amendment) Bill, 2022, which atte  to exempt private transa  from the purview of NAB, was appr  by the National Assembly in August.

The new bill fixed NAB’s pecuniary jurisdiction so that it could only take legal action in response to major scandals. Addition  h ugg hat in order to s  up the court’s proce in a year, supplemen  could only be filed with the court’s con t.
The invest officers are not allow o harass anyone while condu  an investig r inquiry, and they are only  o ask questions that are necessary for gatheri  information or. Relating to the investigation or inquiry. After the amendment, accountability courts dropped 50 significant corruption cases against suspects. Including those against the current prime minister, Shehbaz Sharif, the former chief minister of Punjab, Hamza Shahbaz, the speaker of the national assembly. Raja Pervez Ashraf, and the former leader of the country, Yousaf Raza Gillani.






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