Fawad says it was PTI

Fawad says it was PTI vs military during Imran Khan’s ouster

AA….HPP  .Fawad says it was PTI vs military during  Fawad Chaudhry claims that stable governments are not overthrown in the manner in which PTI was.

Fawad says it was PTI

Fawad Chaudhry, senior vice president of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Said that the military had supported the opposition’s no-confidence motion against former. Prime minister Imran Khan in April of last year.

A coalition of 13 political groups known as the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). Headed by the leader of the JUI-F, Fazlur Rehman, succeeded in ousting . Khan as Pakistan’s prime minister in April of last year through a vote of no-confidence in the National Assembly.

The former federal minister claim in an interview with. BBC’s “HARDtalk” that if it weren’t for the military’s conflict with the. PTI, stable administrations wouldn’t be overturn in the manner in which the PTI was.

Fawad claimed that everyone was aware of the alliance’s leadership and the source of their commands. He emphasised that everyone is aware that the establishment controls political parties. But he said, politics ought to left to the politicians alone. Accord to Fawad, PTI Chairman Imran Khan thinks that the. PTI administrat ws overthrown by former army h General (retd) Qamar Jav Bajwa.
‘No party wants confrontation with US’
The politician clarified PTI’s position on mending fences with. Washington by saying that bygones are bygones and his party wants good relations with Washington. He expressed the expectation that the superpower would also wish to get. Aong with the most well-liked political party in Pakistan. He asserted that neither PTI nor any other political party wants to engage in conflict with the US. In addition, he claimed that after meeting with Assistant Secretary of State. Donald Lu and receiving the same cypher from Imran Khan, Pakistan’s envoy to the United States dispatched a cypher. He claimed that a US official had implied that the outcome of the no-confidence motion would. Determine the future of relations between Pakistan and the US. He claimed that the PTI government sent the cypher.
‘Imran gave country one of cleanest govts in 75 years’
Stephen Sackur, the host of the programme, grilled Fawad on the fragile status of Pakistan’s economy and the performance of the PTI government. In response to the assertion that the PTI government is to blame for the current economic crisis, Fawad stated that the country was in a dire state when the PTI took power and that the country’s growth rate increased to 6% while the PTI was in power, and that this occurred despite the COVID-19 outbreak. He claimed that the illegitimate overthrow of Imran Khan’s administration was the cause of the current economic catastrophe.
Sackur claimed that Pakistan’s debt was $116 billion when the PTI assumed power in 2018, but it increased to $230 billion when the party left office. Fawad claimed that the government of his party had to borrow in order to repay the loans that the previous administration had taken out. He argued that the government of his party sought to restructure the loans and succeeded in doing so as far as the economy is concerned. He claim that Pakistan was trappin a cycle of debt because of Zardari and the Sharifs.
Statistics, according to Stephen Sackur, contradict that (claim). He referred to the PTI’s election-related pledges, particularly those relating to corruption, and added that Pakistan’s score on the corruption perception index dropped by 20 points (CPI).
Fawad disagreed, claiming that the political side had not contributed to the index but rather the rule of law-related departments, such as the court.

He claimed Imran provided the nation one of its most ethical governments in its 75-year history. The PTI could wait for elections, accord to Fawa but the government is oppos to holdele ctions.
Even they oppose local body elec in the federal capital, he claime. Since the incumbent leaders are aware that anytime electio are hel voters wimove them. He asserted that Pakistan needs elections. He continu “We want elections to happen as quickly as possible so that there is stability in the nation and people’s problems are resolv.
‘Imran never called Osama bin Laden a martyr’

Furthermore, according to Fawad, Imran Khan never referred to Osama bin Laden as a martyr; rather, it was only a slip of the tongue for which the party issued a correction. He said that following the PTI’s takeover of the government,

relations with the US were restored. He said that the PTI administration persuaded the Taliban to permit the exodus of the millions of foreigners who were stuck in Afghanistan.

The PTI leader also addressed the situation with the Afghan government, claiming that the Islamabad incumbent government wrecked the PTI’s efforts in this area by abandoning Imran Khan’s Afghanistan policy. According to him, “the PTI government was close to finding a solution through talks with the Taliban authority in Afghanistan.”






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