Easy on us

Easy on us piece, one year is not enough to do honour to music in its purest form. no longer. Pakistani music has continued to expand at an astonishing rate.

Easy on usWhat we can do, however, is take a brief break from the clamour of daily life and stop skipping from one song to the next (for whatever reason), and remember how the nation’s modern music entered another dimension – without discounting others.
Therefore, starting with Arooj Aftab, a producer, composer, and performer who has upped the bar fo. Pakistani artists, would be abhorrent. She has increas  her efforts to continue her historic run, which starte  last year when she was nominatd at the 64th Grammy Awards and  n base  in. Brooklyn, New York, for more than ten years. Seriesmy
Best Global Music Performance (‘Mohabbat’) and Best New Artist were both nominate  and in April 2022, Arooj won her first. Grammy in the latter category. Arooj has  made history by be g nominat n 2021 and winn g  for. Best Global Music Performance in 2022, in addit  to maki  a memorable debut on. Coke Studio 14 (also in 2022) and touring numerous nations.
The Grammy run is still active. She receives a nomin n (again) in the last quarter of 2022 for. Udhero Na” alongside Anoushka Shankar at the upcom  65th Grammy. Awards, which are slat  to take place on February 5, 2023.
This year saw the publication of a deluxe edition of her album,. Vulture Prince, which includes “Udhero Na” as well as songs from the original record. Even the greatest of us who find methods to stay numb or eliminate fee . When tryi g to discern the good and the bad within a. Song can be mov d by her performance of “Mohabbat” and. Udhero Na.” Looking at Arooj Aftab’s songs as a neutral party won’t help you because she is not a binary artist in terms of her music.
Her music begs you to take a stand, and if you do, it probably will be in Arooj’s musical camp. Arooj was grateful for the nomination and learned about it as she prepared to perform on stage in Basel, Switzerland. Arooj brought out a crucial issue that  to be  betw n be g nominate  for . Udhero Na” and returni g to her hometown of Lahore: teachi g music in. Schools because it needs to be fost  from a young age.
It’s difficult to choose their best collaboration because Arooj Aftab and Anoushka Shankar have released another song together, “Aey Na Balam,” and it’s just as captivating as their first. Yes, Arooj Aftab is that excellent. Anoushka Shankar joins him.
While we will be voting for Arooj Aftab to win the 2023 Grammys, other Pakistani artists are also putting out quality work in a variety of genres.
One of these is the unusual tale of Bilal Maqsood, a popular figure in the 1990s. Who would have imagined that Bilal Maqsood, who was best known for his work as Strings with Faisal Kapadia for many years, would restart his career at this point in his career? The successes were already in place: creating six studio albums, a considerable number of music videos. four seasons of Coke Studio, four seasons of Velo Sound Station, four seasons of Coke Studio, and four seasons of Coke Studio?. Between those two times, Strings took on the role of judges for the Pepsi Battle of the Bands in its revived iteration.
Thus, we failed to anticipate it. But there has been a reset. By writing new songs, Bilal Maqsood intended to maintain his pop legacy while also branching out as an artist. He’s accomplished both and more. By creating sing-along jingles, a children’s album (Urdu Nursery Rhymes) with 16 songs, easy-going, original pop songs (‘Naya Naya’, ‘Zalima’), a cricket anthem, and the. Following it up with live performances as a solo artist, Bilal Maqsood has dispelled any doubts. He did this by appealing to fans from the ‘Sar Kiye Ye Pahar’ days He accomplished all of this in 2022, so a round of applause or a huzzah comes to mind.
Since we’re talking about restarting careers, Faris Shafi is another artist whose inclusion makes this list complete.
For many years, he has been active as a fearless rapper who didn’t hide behind crafting music that would sell and that was a logical progression. However, after releasing songs arbitrarily, like. Waasta” with Ali Sethi or “Nazar,” he pushed the limits as much as he could in 2022. Willing to share his art with the nation in significant fashion. Faris Shafi made his Coke Studio debut but he didn’t appear for one collaborative song with sister-artist Meesha Shafi (‘Muaziz Saarif’). Faris Shafi went all in with ‘Ye Dunya’ alongside Sherry Khattak and co (Karakoram) and rapper Talha Anjum.
He performed music other than his Coke Studio debut. The most sensitive song Faris has ever written, “Hum,” was released along with “Vitamin D,” “Jashan-e-Hiphop” with Raftaar, and “Big Moves” with Young Desi. The songs “Cricket Khidaiye” by Talal Qureshi and Atif Aslam, “Lafz,” “Introduction,” “Molotov,” “Awaam,” and “Prosaic” by Abdullah Siddiqui ft. There is no denying that Faris Shafi’s younger self is courageous, sincere, and not trying to please anyone in particular. His verses also have a narrative that helps you understand what a relatable musician he is by way of his music. His rap has the potential to communicate stories of being held back by society expectations, being impacted by our surroundings, and experiencing personal losses.
He has been successful, as is seen in his concert. B keeping up with the latest trends in hip-hop and rap music in Pakistan. By playing a supporting role in a large ensemble in the nation’s most popular movie to date, The Legend of Maula Jatt, as Mooda, in 2022, the feisty rapper surprised everyone and demonstrated her versatility in the arts.
Shae Gill, who initially made an appearance in the song “Pasoori,” was another performer who won fans’ hearts. Nobody cared if she had experience singing because ever since she joined the song as a co-vocalist, her career has seemed to take unforeseen turns. Although Shae Gill featured in a song (‘Manzil’) with Atif Aslam and a commercial with Bilal Maqsood,
Her most intriguing work is the song “Sukoon,” which she co-wrote with the other featured artist, Hassan & Roshaan. With Shae Gill, who is also a rising talent in the music industry, the song captured people’s attention. Even if the music video did create a few questions. It really complements the song and leaves room for different interpretations of the story. Additionally, we adore the non-binary aesthetics.

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